I’m Still Alive

I have neglected my personal blog for quite some time!

I had been quietly suffering from a mini quarter-life crisis which has since subsided, and I am very very happy with my current situation and prospective future. Continue reading


Deficit Practice

In my last post, I shared a ton of pics of big huge meals from restaurants/parties, but at the end I challenged myself to order something I could manage in a deficit. I wanted to do this so that I could remind myself that I don’t have to be a recluse while in competition prep, that I could find things on a menu to work with. Continue reading

A Little Bit of Everything

I’ve got about a month left of bulking, so I’ve been frantically trying to eat out as much as possible at different places before I have to start restricting. Granted, I know I can still go out while I am in a deficit, but it’s more enjoyable when I don’t have to order a salad right now 🙂

Here’s some more updates from the past couple of weeks. Continue reading

Wintry Wedding Weekend

Another wedding in the books, people! My best friend, Kate, tied the knot this weekend, and it was full of merriment, anticipation, and of course, consumption!

I decided to conserve 10g of carbs and 5g of fat from my daily intake throughout the week so I had a little bit of a buffer to play with. I went the whole weekend without tracking. For the sake of this blog, I went back and estimated what I ate.  Continue reading