“Flexible” Dieting – A Challenge – Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1, do that!

TLDR; Dealing with restaurant anxiety. Going to Augustine’s.

If you already know where you’re going to eat, take a look at the menu ahead of time to get an idea of what they have. Luckily, the organizer of the volunteer group sent us an email beforehand, so I was able to look at their menu before going. Having a meal in mind before showing up helps with my anxiety A LOT.

Menu - Front

Menu – Front

Menu - Back

Menu – Back

Beer Menu

Beer Menu

One thing that kind of helps with dining out is intermittent fasting. This just means I eat all of my food within a smaller window. I do a 17-hour fast with my eating window between 1pm and 8pm. Sometimes I’ll eat my last meal later depending on my schedule, but like 80% of the time this is what it is.

Since I hadn’t eaten anything all morning (I did have coffee), I had basically my entire caloric intake to play with starting with that first meal.

My current macros are 115g of protein, 185g of carbs and 45g of fat per day.

I saved 20g of carbs and 15g of fats from earlier in the week to use today. Having a buffer made me feel a little better, especially since restaurant food typically is higher in fats and carbs, and because alcohol calories can be tracked as fats and carbs.

I knew that I kind of wanted a beer. I haven’t had a beer in a really long time, and I felt like I should enjoy a beer at a pub, right?

I ordered the Bells Two Hearted Ale, which I have never had before.



I found it’s estimated calories on ratebeer.com (this is for 12 fl oz).

Bells Two Hearted Ale on ratebeer.com

Bells Two Hearted Ale on ratebeer.com            210 calories for 12 fl oz

When you track alcohol, you can use the calories from either carbs or fats. There are 4 calories in 1g of carbohydrates, and 9 calories in 1g of fat.

Since this beer is 210 cals for 12 fl oz, it could be tracked as 52.5g of carbs or 23.33g of fat, or ANY combination of the two so long as it adds up to 210. But I only had 10 fl oz, which means my carb/fat calorie combination needed to add up to 175 cals.

To do this easily, I added two custom foods in MyMacros+.

Bells Ale 43.8g carbs for 10 fl oz

Bells Ale
43.8g carbs for 10 fl oz

Bells - Fats 19.4g fat for 10 fl oz

Bells – Fats
19.4g fat for 10 fl oz

From there, I could play around with how many fl oz I wanted to be carbs and how many I wanted to be fats (I ended up using them all from carbs because my fats are still kinda low).

For my meal, I decided to go with the arugula salad. Salad is just easier for me right now because I can see all of the ingredients and it’s more voluminous for less calories than a sandwich or burger. I asked for grilled chicken with no extra oil. I also asked for no dressing and for my goat cheese to be on the side.



I removed most of the walnuts. Walnuts are one of my favorite things, but they’re really high in fat and I don’t have a lot to play with right now. They were also coated in some brown sugar which I wasn’t expecting, but really liked! I added just a little bit of the goat cheese and tossed the rest with the walnuts.

Here’s what I logged in MyMacros+:

MM+ Log

MM+ Log

I estimated all of these numbers and I think I’m pretty close; I probably overestimated a little bit. I added a tbsp of oil even though I asked for none just to account for oil already being on the grill. I’d rather overestimate and play it safe 🙂

So, there you have it. A VERY safe first challenge done, but I didn’t die. I felt a little uncomfortable but I know that the more I do it, the better I’ll get and the less I’ll have to stress over it.

Next week? Tin Lizzy’s for my belated birthday lunch at work!

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