Work Lunch Outing – Tin Lizzy’s Downtown Atlanta

My birthday is on August 9th, which happened to fall one week before my first ever bikini competition. Thus, I wasn’t really up for a birthday lunch since I was deep in a deficit (read: hangry).

My boss was also out for different things during the month of August, so my birthday lunch outing was postponed to today!

Restaurant of Choice: No drinkies because it was a work lunch :( Next time!

Restaurant of Choice – Tin Lizzy’s
No drinkies because it was a work lunch šŸ˜¦ Next time!

A Tin Lizzy’s opened up in our building’s courtyard last month, and I wanted to go there. I love Tex-Mex. I have a buffalo chicken salad with guac, salsa and black beans like every day for lunch. I make tacos and quesadillas all the time. So this kind of food is comfortable for me.

Of course, I looked at the menu before going. I also (like a psycho) reached out to the restaurant via their Facebook page to see what kind of accommodations they’d make as far as like, grilling the chicken with no extra oil. They were SO so helpful even before I arrived so I was very excited and walked into this situation feeling pretty comfortable.

Since it’s a Mexican restaurant, of course there were chips and salsa, guac and queso. I didn’t have any of it though. Chips & salsa are dangerous for me. I can PUT BACK some chips and salsa. I would’ve rather just not had any at all than have to stop after a couple!

Salad Offerings

Salad Offerings

Played it safe again and stuck with a salad. I orderedĀ the Southwest Chicken Cobb salad, no dressing, blue cheese and avocado on the side, add pickled jalapeƱos. IĀ must have missed the bacon when reading the description because I forgot to take that off my order. Nothing against bacon, but I didn’t want the extra fats! I also asked for my chicken to be grilled with no extra oil or sauces. The server was super nice about it, and let me know that she double checked with theĀ chef after placing my order!

Southwest Chicken Cobb Salad

Southwest Chicken Cobb Salad

Blue Cheese, Avocado, and Bacon I pulled off on the side!

Blue Cheese, Avocado, and Bacon I pulled off on the side!

Luckily on the Cobb salad, everything is placed like separately so I could easily see how much of each ingredient was on there. I should’ve taken a better picture of the salad. You can’t really see the corn, black beans or tomato!

MM+ Log for Salad

MM+ Log for Salad

Here’s how I logged it in MM+. Ā I was able to control the amount of avocado and blue cheese, so IĀ eyeballed an ounce of avocado and half an ounce of blue cheese. The other toppings looked like about an ounce and a half of each. I also added some salsa from the table because I like salsa. And I logged 0.5 tbsp of olive oil to account for any residual oil that might’ve been on the grill. Chicken looked to be a good 4oz. Made sure to log it as cooked.

I pulled most of my ingredient numbers from the USDA food database. I use this all the time for produce, meats, and other things that don’t have labels.

More salad with salsa on top!

More salad with salsa on top!

I definitely felt more comfortable this time than last time. I think the more I do this, the better I’ll get at estimating ingredients.

I do hope to be a little more adventurous next time I dine out. I’m not sure when or where next time will be, though!

The most important thing is I enjoyed myself with some coworkers outside of the office! It’s important to at least SEEM normal to the people I work with šŸ™‚

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