Does anyone else NEED to have several things in the future to look forward to?

This is something I thrive on.

Here are a few things in the future that I’m looking forward to:

  1. September 14, 2015 (5 days) – Going wedding dress shopping at Alfred Angelo with my recently engaged BFF

    Her engagement party – A Murder Mystery!

  2. September 26, 2015 (17 days) – Bachelorette party for another BFF!

    With these ladies 🙂

  3. October 3, 2015 (24 days) – Bridal shower for even ANOTHER BFF (…all of my friends are getting married)

    My oldest friend — we met at daycare when we were toddlers! I can’t wait to be her Maid of Honor 🙂

  4. October 25-27, 2015 (46 days) – Walt Disney World Halloween Vacation!!!

    Last year’s Halloween Party — We went as the Three Caballeros!

  5. November 21, 2015 (73 days) – A Wedding!

    Again for this chica 🙂

That’s pretty much it for 2015, besides the holidays! I’d like to maybe add a UGA football game, Drag bunch and some sort of outdoor fall thing to this list! Hope to experience all of these events without the burdens of social anxiety or food fears. It’s important for me to be present in life, and I think that having things to look forward to will help push me out of my hiding place 🙂

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