Week of Willy’s!

I love build-your-own style restaurants. I’m down for Chipotle, YourPie, Genghis Grill etc. any day!

This week I had Willy’s THREE times. Willy’s a build-your-own Mex place like Chipotle. I like these kinds of restaurants because you can really customize your order to however you want to spend your macros.

On Tuesday, Meredith and I went to go see some of our favorite drag queens at Center Stage in Atlanta.


But of course, we needed to eat first. I suggested Willy’s because:

A. I had a coupon that was expiring the next day

B. I wanted something easy for estimating macros

C. Everybody likes Willy’s

Here’s what I ended up getting!!

Kid's Meal :)

Kid’s Meal 🙂

I got a Kid’s Meal burrito with chicken, black beans, rice, fajita veggies, jalapenos, lettuce and salsa. Asked for guac and sour cream on the side, and portioned out how much I wanted to eat. I was really excited for the chips and salsa because I don’t really indulge in that kind of thing very often. I got a cookie with my meal which I saved for later 🙂

Logged just like this:

They really kind of skimp on the rice/beans for the kids burrito but that’s fine because it meant I had more room for tortilla chips 🙂

And then I had fun at the showwwww.

Hello Katya and Hello Pearl

Hello Katya and Hello Pearl

On Friday we had a catered lunch at work which was ALSO Willy’s! This was a build-your-own fajita bar so I felt really good about making my own fluffy salad.

Chicken, beans, fajita veggies, salsa, guac, and a tortilla on the side

Chicken, beans, fajita veggies, salsa, guac, and a tortilla on the side

And there was so much left over that we got to take some home. I grabbed lots of steak, chicken and fajita veggies. I made a bigAF salad later that night with the leftovers.

You can hardly see, but there's a good bit of steak, black beans, and salsa up in there!

You can hardly see, but there’s a good bit of steak, black beans, and salsa up in there!

I actually did weigh this out since I was at home

Here’s how I’d evaluate my flexible dieting performance with these meals:

Win: Guessing portion sizes. Usually I’d bring my mini food scale and weigh out everything. (Confession: I did weigh out the portions for that last meal because I was at home).

Win: Eating at a work function. I have been at my job for over a year and this is the FIRST TIME I ate a catered meal at work since my first day. We have food catered every other week for breakfast, and do these fun lunches about once a quarter.

Opportunity: I basically made the food decisions for all of these meals. I picked the restaurant on Tuesday and I also was in charge of this catered lunch (I’m sneaky). So I knew I would be able to control what I was eating. Not knowing ahead of time still gives me anxiety.

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