Life Hack: Staying on Track at Parties

My life right now seems to be consumed by pre-marital bridesmaid duties for my friends!

This past weekend I hosted a bridal shower for my oldest friend, Kate. We have been friends for over 20 years, and I am so proud to be her maid of honor. She is engaged to a wonderful man, and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them. Sometimes when I’m lost in my own worries and self-doubts, I forget to be happy for the people who are important to me. It’s not a malicious form of selfishness, but it’s selfish nonetheless and is something that I hope to overcome as I become more confident and less anxious.

As maid of honor, I took charge of planning the shower and coordinating responsibilities with the rest of the bridesmaids. Our theme was “Fall in Love” and we decided to do a potluck-style shower in the afternoon.

Of course, I was anxious about what kinds of food options would be available. In order to combat this anxiety, I planned a couple of things:

1. Intermittent Fasting — I held off on eating anything until around noon. When I did eat, it was a bit of protein and carbs to tide me over until the party (4pm).

Yes, that is Maple Pumpkin Butter. Got it from Sprouts!

Yes, that is Maple Pumpkin Butter. Got it from Sprouts!

2. Refeed: This week my macros were 115p/225c/60f, but I was also given a refeed day of 100p/300c/45f. I planned to use the refeed at the party since I knew there’d be treats and alcohol 🙂

3. Food Option: I offered to bring a big ol’ salad spread as one of the entrées for the party!

Romaine Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, Roasted Butternut Squash, Roasted Beets, Reduced-Sugar Craisins, Reduced Fat Blue Cheese, Walnuts, Panera Fat Free Poppyseed Dressing

I wanted to incorporate some autumnal veggies to go with the fall theme. Roasting the squash and beets was so easy! I had never done it before but I’ll definitely be adding these veggies to my grocery list again.

I bought Tyson Ready-Grilled chicken because I’m lazy and didn’t feel like grilling enough chicken for 30 people. It was actually really good and I’d buy it again for myself if I’m pressed for time or traveling.

Here’s the big plate I made for myself:

And I logged it as follows WITHOUT weighing!

Tracked the olive oil for the roasted veggies

I knew there’d be cupcakes and yummy drinks, so I stuck with the salad even though there were other food options to choose from.

Behind my salad: subs, chips & salsa, cheese & crackers, spinach & feta balls that you can’t see

Pumpkin Spice M&Ms, Regular M&Ms, Pumpkin Cupcakes, Apples & Caramel Cream Cheese Dip

Close-up of the cupcakes!

Close-up of the cupcakes!

The cupcakes were from Publix, but there were no nutrition facts provided. So what I did was look up other pumpkin spice cupcake nutrition facts from various product lines/recipes and made my own estimate.

Remember my 300g of carbs refeed? I spent some of those carbs on TWO of these apple cider mimosas!

Here’s how I tracked my treats:

HEHEHE 100g+ of carbs in yummies.

Me & the “Bartender” 😉

Here’s a picture of me and the beautiful bride 🙂



  1. Not weighing my food.
  2. Not worrying about the exact right nutritional content of the cupcake and going with an estimate
  3. Fitting in TWO mimosas
  4. Making an awesome fall salad
  5. Throwing a beautiful shower for my best friend


  1. I still controlled my food options here by bringing an entree. But I kind of see this as a half-win since this is a tactic that anyone with anxiety can use to still be a part of social events. If you’re going to a party/barbecue/etc. and you aren’t sure if there’s going to be anything there that will fit your macros (especially if you’re dieting), bring something to share! The host will appreciate it and no one will know you only did it to stay on track 🙂 Plus, there may be other health-conscious people at the party who will secretly appreciate a healthier alternative.
  2. I probably could’ve had more things from the spread but I hoarded the rest of my macros for later.

I think even if I hadn’t provided the salad spread, I could’ve stayed on track with maybe a sub and some apples, but I’m really happy with what I brought because it looked and tasted amazing — plus I could get a lot of volume for less macros. And like I said before, other people actually told me that they appreciated the “healthy” option.

The bride loved the shower and I was able to enjoy the company of her friends and family without feeling stressed about the food.

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