A Date…

A few months ago a guy who trains at my gym asked if I wanted to “hang out later.” He’s pretty cute or whatever, so I figured why not. I was kind of hungry though, so I suggested grabbing a bite to eat at like Chipotle or something.

His response was something along the lines of “I thought we could just chill at my place. I’m cutting right now and I hate estimating food at restaurants.”

On the one hand, I understood his feelings COMPLETELY. I struggle with the same anxiety as he does.

On the other hand, WTF. If you’re tryna get with me, take me to Chipotle.

Unfortunately for him, he kind of ruined his chances. Although I understood his “dilemma” (he wasn’t even competing for a show or trying to make weight for a meet or anything), there was no way I was going to pursue hanging out with someone who could potentially prevent me from staying in hiding.

Poor guy.

Since then, I haven’t had much action in the dating department (I’m picky, I don’t have time, etc.) up until last week.

I went to an Atlanta Pride event to meet my favorite drag queen. I went alone because my drag P.I.C. couldn’t make the trip to Atlanta on a weeknight. The event was hosted by Barefoot, and their champagne/wine varieties were completely free! Which meant no one was buying drinks from the bar inside.

I found myself inside at the bar because I didn’t really fit in with the crowd (straight, single girl at a Pride event…heh). Chatted with the bartender for a bit, and before the night was over, he asked me to an Atlanta Falcons game!

The first thought that ran through my mind was…

What are the odds that I’d pick up a dude at a Pride event? #swag

However, my anxious thoughts were not far behind…

Wtf am I going to eat at a Falcons game omg omg how do I date how do I plan for this what do I do?

I said yes, and told myself I’d deal with the food anxiety later. After the nerves settled, I made a plan.

Fortunately I am in a bulking phase, so I can fit mostly anything within my current macros right now, which are 115p/250c/65f. I also had a refeed to use this past week (100p/350c/45f).

I decided that I’d use my refeed paired with intermittent fasting for the game. I wanted to use the refeed so that I could fill some of those carbs (350 is a lot!) with beer! Not only would the beer help me hit my carbs for the day, but it would also help me kind of unwind on the date.

Fortunately for me, the Georgia Dome has a list of concessions and I was able to kind of get an idea of what I could have. Most of the options were kind of high in fat, but since I was using intermittent fasting, I figured I could afford to use around 25-30g of fat at the game. Since I love making pizza fit, I had my eye on a Papa John’s personal cheese 🙂

I had my first meal around noon. I knew I wouldn’t be getting much protein at the game, so I made sure to get some before:

Stitch Mug!!!

  • 227g Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 50g Blueberries
  • 4ish mL of Strawberry Mio
  • Coffee with SF/FF Pumpkin Spice Creamer, Stevia, and SF Pumpkin Caramel Syrup
  • 24p/22c/0f

We met at the stadium, but I wasn’t very hungry right away and neither was he. We waited until half-time to grab food/beer.

I had been thinkin about that pizza all morning. Luckily, Papa John’s has an awesome nutrition calculator on their website and I was easily able to look up the macros for a personal cheese:

papa johns

Quantity is 4 because they calculate by the slice, and there are 4 slices in an 8″ personal pizza.

I didn’t take pictures of my food because I was on a date and I didn’t want to be THAT girl, but here’s one I found on the Internet:

It looked exactly like this; not even sliced!!!

And for my beer, I went with Sweetwater IPA. Had never had it before.

Had 16 fl oz; Logged as 64g carbs

Had 16 fl oz; Logged as 64g carbs

So… here are my ratings for the date:

  • Football Game: 10/10 – The Falcons won and it was a highly entertaining game with lots of turnovers and crazy calls
  • Guy: 2/10 – Ehhh he just wasn’t really my type but it was nice of him to take me and he paid for everything.
  • Pizza: 5/10 – Really it was not that good at all, but I have room in my heart for all pizza so I can’t really give it anything less than a five.
  • Beer: 2/10 – Blech. Never again. But I did enjoy the buzz it gave me. I’m already kind of a lightweight, and being lean on top of that means it doesn’t take much alcohol for me to feel it!

And here are my self-evaluations:

  • Win: Snagging a date
  • Win: Going on a date! Normally I would find some excuse or talk myself out of it because I’d be afraid of not knowing what to eat/how much to eat/etc.
  • Opportunity: I still frantically NEEDED to check to see what I could eat before going. I wish I could trust myself to make decisions on the spot, but that’s still a challenge for me.

Still very proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone, going on a date, and making the food options work.

If anyone wants to date me and take me on a dining out challenge, hit me up 😛

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