Out of the Vault — Aladdin Night!

I always talk about how lucky I am to have the friends that I have. I ought to do more to show them how much I really do appreciate and love them.

I have one friend in particular who loves to entertain and host themed parties. Janna will find any excuse to celebrate! Last weekend, she invited my friend Catie and I over for an Aladdin-themed evening since the movie was released from the Disney vault!

Usually when she throws these kinds of parties, I will either eat before or bring my own food (if I even show up at all). On this night though, I decided to come out of my own little vault and try something new.

To go with the Arabian theme of the evening, Janna made these beef kefta pockets which are featured at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival in the Morocco booth.

She modified the recipe a little bit, and shared with me the amounts of the main ingredients that she used.

I didn’t even bother adding in the cilantro/parsley because it’s so minimal that it’s negligible. Usually I do add that kind of thing though because I’m kind of a perfectionist/completist.

Her recipe made 31 little balls. Here’s the macros for one: 

She also made some Mediterranean brown rice:

Janna also tracks her intake, so she understands how important it is to know your portion size. She was awesome enough to weigh out the whole recipe of the rice for me so I knew how much it made. In MyMacros+, I saved the recipe servings as 424 grams since that’s how much it made.

Macros for one gram...hahaha.

Macros for one gram…hahaha.

I had 60g for myself. I probably could’ve eaten more, but there was a good bit of fat in the rice from the butter and I don’t really like wasting my fats on things that aren’t sweets or cheese haha.

So this was my plate! I did add the pita, tomato, lettuce and hummus to MM+, but I didn’t weigh those.



Oh, and I also had some of this 🙂

6 fl oz - 37c

6 fl oz – 37c


Win: Eating something that was not prepared by me!
Win: Enjoying an evening with my friends.
Opportunity: Still had the urge to get the macros as close as possible. I did weigh the rice and I had the recipe for the beef pretty close.
Opportunity: I could’ve definitely eaten more or had more to drink if I wanted to, but I still wanted to hoard some macros for dessert when I got home.

Next time I’ll try to do better with guessing for the big stuff and not sweating the small stuff.

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