“Forget About Your Worries and Your Strife” – Disney Vacation Untracked – Day 1

My coach shared Baloo’s wise words with me last week before I embarked on my annual Walt Disney World vacation.

I took THREE DAYS off from tracking macros. After over a year of being completely dialed in, taking off three days seemed a little daunting. But I knew I needed a mental break, and Disney is the perfect place to be care-free.

This trip couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m currently in a bulking phase right now, and I’ve been slow to gain since my competition in August. To prevent scale-shock, I told myself repeatedly going into this trip that I NEEDED to come back heavier.

I want to be honest with you here. Once I had that first untracked meal, it was VERY easy to say “fuckit” and eat whatever I want. I did not make the best choices. I did not choose very nutrient-dense foods.

I ate what I wanted to eat on vacation. And I did feel guilty about it later. But in the moment, I enjoyed eating like a normal person and not worrying about the effects my choices might have on my body.

I’m going to show you all of the things that I ate. But first, I am going to show you what I looked like going into this vacation:

Sunday Before Vacation

Sunday Before Vacation

Tiny. Puny. Need More.

Time to eat.

Day 1

I held on to my intermittent fasting routine and didn’t consume anything until lunch time, which was around noon. We went to Captain Cook’s, which is a quick-service dining location at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. This is a staple restaurant for my friends and I; we frequented this restaurant ALL the time when we worked at Disney World together a few years ago.

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with fries. Normally I would NEVER order this kind of thing in a restaurant because of the high fats. But I always get this at Captain Cook’s and that is what I WANTED!

I also allowed myself to drink glorious Diet Coke on this vacation. I haven’t had a Diet Coke in over a year. I used to run on three to six cans a day. I wanted to kick the habit since I felt like I NEEDED Diet Coke to survive, but it took a night of too many Diet Coke&Rums to help me break the addiction… heh.

After dinner, we took a boat to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! Look how cute we are. 

We did a few attractions, and were hungry again by like 6PM. We stopped in to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe because they have a toppings bar (free veggies).

Not Pictured: PICKLES

The mushrooms were disgusting.

After that, we were craving actual real food. We decided to go to Pecos Bill’s, which is a quick-service dining location in Frontierland. They just updated their menu; it’s kind of Tex-Mexish, Chipotleish.

I got a chicken burrito with no rice, added fajita veggies, and topped with a bunch of stuff from their toppings bar. This is kind of a normal meal for me anyway.

After dinner, we were ready to experience the Halloween party. This included trick-or-treating! I snacked on a couple of pieces of candy while waiting in lines.

My favorite thing to eat at WDW is the caramel apples. I love them so much. I needed to have one at the party before the night was over. I got this Halloween Minnie one 🙂 

And that was everything I ate on Day 1! I went to bed STUFFED and a little anxious, but I was too tired to care after that.

How would I evaluate myself on Day 1?

Win: I very easily *~*let it go*~* for this trip. I needed the mental break.

Win: I ordered exactly what I wanted. In the past I may have gone with a salad or something and avoided the high-calorie sweets.

Opportunity: I ended up drinking a ton of Diet Coke this day and neglected my water intake.

Stay tuned for Day 2

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