Dining Out Challenges Dump

The past few posts focused on my untracked Disney vacation, but I wanted to share a few dining out challenge successes that I’ve had over the past few weeks!!

October 21 – Sushi with Mom!

My mother and I have a longstanding tradition of getting our hair cut together. My mom has been going to the same stylist since we moved to Georgia over 20 years ago. She started bringing me with her when I was a little too old to keep going to Kidz Kutz, right around 7th or 8th grade. Our stylist’s name is Charlotte, and she works at the Van Michael Salon in Virginia Highlands. She’s this adorable, youthful blonde and is really good at making us feel cool.

Check out my before and after hair!!

Cousin It --> GLAAAAM curls

Cousin It –> GLAAAAM curls

Me and Charlotte : )

Me and Charlotte : )

After a few hours at the salon, my mom and I were hunnngry. We asked Charlotte to recommend a few places for dinner, and she suggested MF Sushi which opened in Atlanta recently. She said she hadn’t been yet, but heard great things. We decided to give it a try.

Unfortunately it was rather pricey… my mom and I ended up getting one roll for ourselves and one to split. Here’s what I ended up with:

Tuna Roll

Tuna Roll

Negi Salmon Roll: (Topped with Tuna, Yellowtail, Avocado and Tobiko)

Negi Salmon Roll: (Topped with Tuna, Yellowtail, Avocado and Tobiko)

I had the Tuna Roll for myself and we split the Negi Salmon Roll.

MM+ Log

I could have searched for the nutrition facts for these kinds of rolls online, but I found that there was quite a bit of variance among different sushi restaurants. I figured I would probably be more accurate by just estimating the portion sizes of the ingredients in the rolls that I had.

This meal was not very filling at all. My mom and I decided next time we go to sushi, we’ll go to one of our regular places since it is less expensive!!

October 24 – Pre-Hike Lunch

A couple weekends ago, the weather was PERFECT. The leaves were just starting to change, but the temperature was still warm enough to be comfortable outdoors. My BFF Kate invited me on a hike with her, her fiancé, and another friend of theirs on a hike along the Chatahoochee River so we could soak in the autumnal air.

Of course, we needed sustenance before the hike. We went to Kate’s favorite restaurant, McCray’s Tavern. I had never been before, but my parents actually go all the time and they rave about it. We decided on McCray’s the day before, which gave me a chance to look at the menu and get an idea of what I wanted.

I was deciding between a sandwich-type thing or a salad.

I figured we may be imbibing, so I went with a salad in order to have more carbs for beer. I ordered the Tuna Nicoise. I like ordering tuna at restaurants because I usually screw it up when I try to cook it at home.

Mixed greens, roasted new potatoes, kalamata olives, green beans, boiled egg & roma tomatoes — didn’t touch the dressing

Here’s how I tracked in MM+:

The tuna was seriously cooked PERFECTLY. I’m so glad I went with the salad. I also really liked having the little potatoes in the salad. I hadn’t had white potatoes in a long time, and they were delicious.

I was a little disappointed though because we ended up not going out for a beer or two after the hike since time got away from us. But don’t you worry — I filled my carbs with plenty of ridiculousness that evening 🙂

October 28 – Chinese with Grandparents

My grandparents recently took a four-week long trip in their new RV down the east coast, and they got back a few days before I returned from Disney World. I wanted to hear all about the trip, so we got together when I got back for lunch at one of their favorite restaurants called Lavender Asian Bistro. They serve Chinese and Thai dishes.

Remember how bad I felt that last day from all the poor-quality food? I was still feeling it the following day. I was craving something simple and nutrient dense.

I ordered chicken & broccoli with fried rice and hot & sour soup.

Hot & Sour Soup -- I only ate about 2/3 of it.

Hot & Sour Soup — I only ate about 2/3 of it.

Chicken, Broccoli & Fried Rice

Chicken, Broccoli & Fried Rice — I ditched the spring roll. I don’t really like them.

I wasn’t sure how to track the sauce on the chicken. In the past, not knowing the macronutrient content of the sauce would have prevented me from even eating it. However, I knew I could probably figure something out by doing a little research. I Googled “Chinese brown sauce” and found a generic recipe for a chicken dish which uses brown sauce. I pulled the sauce ingredients and tracked the amounts that I thought was reasonable for my portion from the restaurant.

I was still pretty stuffed from my three days of vacation, so I saved the fried rice and some of the chicken and veggies for later. This is how I tracked my lunch:

Seemed like a pretty good estimate to me. Tracked and moved on.

I actually really enjoyed having lunch with my grandparents. They’re very intelligent, down-to-earth and are always there for me when I need advice about grown-up things. I was happy to be able to enjoy their company since I wasn’t so caught up in what I was eating.

October 31 – Halloween Drinkies!

On Halloween, my friends and I went to the Lil Dicky concert! Look at us!

Manatee, Michael Jordan, Pocahontas, and a stranger Gumby!!!

Manatee, Michael Jordan, Pocahontas, and a stranger Gumby!!!

I knew I was going to want to drink before/during the concert, but I didn’t want to spend too many calories on alcohol. I actually saved 30g of carbs from the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before so that I had more carbs to play with. I brought my own tequila and drank it with some flavored sparkling water.

Tracked as carbs

Tracked as carbs

I only had three drinks that night. I tracked 2 fl oz of tequila per drink, which was a little bit of an overestimate looking back, but no biggie.

We didn’t go out to eat or anything. Just wanted to share how I incorporated drinking into my flexible lifestyle 🙂

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Four days of living life while fitting those social eating/drinking events within my macros.

It gets easier every time. I do tend to stay on the safe side when it comes to pub/tavern-type restaurants because their entrées tend to be high in fat, but I think next time I go somewhere like that I will challenge myself to not get a salad! I’m telling you all now for accountability’s sake.

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