Thankful Thursday

Despite my archive of food-related posts, there’s actually more to my quarter-life quest to find happiness than overcoming food anxiety.

I hate to admit it, but I’m incredibly short-tempered, especially when it comes to customer service. After years of working for Disney, I have pretty high expectations when interacting with service professionals. Sometimes when I feel like I’m being ignored, neglected or disrespected, I go into bitch-mode and then I feel bad about it later.

BUT when I have an impressively positive interaction with someone, I do what I can to make sure he or she is recognized.

Note: I know that doing this for the awesome people doesn’t make up for being a bitch to the sucky people, but I try.

Disney does a great job of recognizing Cast Members who are praised by Guests. Every Cast Member has a record card which documents achievements (Guest, Cast and Leader recognition) and shortcomings (tardiness, no-shows, calling out, etc.). This record card is used internally when Cast Members are up for promotions, raises and other opportunities within the company.

When I experience great Guest service at Disney, I make sure to take down the Cast Member’s name, work location, date, time, etc. Then when I get home, I write an email to their Guest Communications team detailing my positive interaction with the Cast Member.

On my most recent trip, there were a handful of Cast Members who made the list! Some of them helped to resolved whatever issues we were having, while others just had fun with us! I was super thankful for each of them for making a lasting impression on our vacation.


My ridiculous outbox

Next time you have a great interaction with an employee, write to the company’s customer service department or tell his or her manager about it! I’ve found that expressing gratitude is one of the main ingredients in my recipe for happiness. It’s easy to complain when you get bad service, but it’s such a pleasure when you can show your appreciation for someone who went *~*above and beyond*~*.

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