DIY Caramel Apple

A little recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth, ladies and gentlemen.

If you’ve read about my Disney trip (days one, two and three), then you’re aware of my obsession with their caramel apples. 

I’ve been craving them lately, but didn’t want to go through the labor-intensive process of melting my own caramel and chocolate for just like one apple every once in a while.

I figured I would just shell out the cash and order one online from Mrs. Prindables or something when I REALLY wanted one, but then…

Behold: Caramel Apple Wraps…ON CLEARANCE!


SO EASY!!! It even comes with the sticks. Fun for EVERY-ONE…or just me.


Before plopping into the oven.

The apples only go in at 200º for 5 minutes for the caramel to soften and stick to the apple.

I like my caramel apples dunked in chocolate, and whaddya know, these were on sale for $0.50 too!


You just put this in the microwave and stir about every 30 seconds. I overheated mine a little bit but like, it’s okay because chocolate is chocolate.


I dipped/sprinkled one in crushed Butterfingers and one with m&ms.



Not too shabby! Although they certainly aren’t as pretty as the Disney ones, the macros are MUCH “friendlier”:

Especially since I’d estimate each of those apples at around 150g carbs and 50g fat based on Mrs. Prindables’ milk chocolate apple plus toppings.

Even though they look a mess, they were easy enough to satisfy my craving, and I’ll definitely make them again! Although I will try something else for the chocolate. I ended up tossing most of the Dulci Frutta dip since I didn’t use all of it, and you can’t really reheat it.



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