Southwest Adventures – Part 3

The final installment!! See part 1 here and part 2 here.

Day 7: More Arches, out-and-about in Moab, off to Grand Junction

This was our last full day of adventure, and we had a lot to do. Post-workout meal and then off to Arches National Park for some more arches!


Make-Your-Own waffle with chocolate chips and peanut butter, scrambled eggs & salsa, hammington

The first arch we visited on this day was Landscape Arch. It’s the longest arch in the park, and the second-longest in the WORLD.


Workin’ it at Landscape Arch

We continued on the same trail to visit Double-O Arch.

landscape work

Double-O Arch…..DEFINITELY not photoshopped.

This right here is my favorite sight at ANP. It’s called Balanced Rock.



The arches get all the attention, but I think Balanced Rock is the most impressive thing on the entire park property. It looks like it’s about to tip over any second.

We said goodbye to Arches National Park, and went back to Moab for some shopping and lunch.


I tried one.

Lunch was at the Moab Diner. I had been craving a burger and fries, and I felt like this was the right place to get one.


Green Chili Sauce Cheeseburger


Chocolate Malt Shake — once you go malt, you’ll never have a regular milkshake again I swear

Then we went to the Moab Rock Shop, where we met Lin Ottinger, famous for discovering dinosaur bones/fossils in Utah.


Us and his iguanadon figurine

Day Seven’s Lesson:

“Everyone has a story” – Neil LaBute

While I was wondering around the rock shop, this guy was kind of pestering me…asking me a lot of questions, showing me different things. I don’t really like to be bothered while shopping, and I felt a little awkward receiving all of this attention from him when I knew that there was no way I’d be spending money on rocks.

I tried to evade him multiple times, but it was a tiny little store and he seemed to be around every corner. Finally I gave up and just let him talk.

That’s when he started going on about the dinosaur bones he’d found. My ears perked up. DINOSAUR? BONES? FOUND??? HIMMMM????

I don’t care whoTF you are; dinosaurs are fukkinrad and if you encounter someone who found fossils then you better give him the time of day to tell you about it.

He told me about the tours he’d give in Utah showing people where he’d discovered the fossils. He showed me some real ones! I also got to see some letters from universities verifying his findings. He told me about how he discovered a species of Iguanadon right there in Utah.

In our busy lives, we tend to ignore people around us so we can get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Consider all the amazing people and stories you are missing out on by focusing solely on your own intent. People are storytellers. We’ve been doing it since the beginning of our existence. Take a moment to listen and appreciate what members of our human race have to say.

We had one last arch on our list: Corona Arch. Corona doesn’t live in Arches National Park, but isn’t far from it.

This hike was probably one of my favorites because:

A. There was little to no snow on the ground

B. The arch is freaking MASSIVE

C. There was a little cairn city on the way up and it was so cute.


This thing is ginormous


Look at all the freakin cairns

We spent a good bit of time just chillin under Corona Arch reminiscing on the week we’d had. But we had to make our way back before sunset and hit the road to Grand Junction, CO, where we’d spend our last evening before flying out in the morning.

There was a Japanese steakhouse called Tepanyaki (yes, it is spelled incorrectly) right across from our hotel. I wasn’t super hungry, but I definitely enjoyed the meal.


Salad with ginger dressing


Fried rice, steak, scallops and veggies

Ended the evening with my resistance band workout and solemnly tucked in for the last evening abroad.

Day 8: Departure

I made sure to get a workout in again this morning because I knew I’d be spending all day on a plane.

I also decided to track my intake so I could get back to my routine.

The continental breakfast at this hotel had a limited selection…the only protein on the menu was a hardboiled egg! But I did get to make my own waffle which I topped with peanut butter 😀


Can’t forget the coffee.


Estimated for the waffle with Bisquick’s Shake ‘n Pour — 1 Serving is listed as 3 pancakes

Not much happened between getting to the airport and getting on my first flight (Grand Junction –> Phoenix)


White chocolate raspberry Quest bar, Granny Smith apple, Diet Coke



Estimated portion size of apple. Assumed normal size for protein bar.


I had a little bit of time to kill during my layover, so I grabbed a ready-made sandwich from a place called Dilly’s Deli. Fortunately they had nutrition information on their site so I could easily plug that in.



It’s kind of dark because it was night-time and the lights were out on the plane.


Bought one of these to satisfy my sweet tooth


I came in at 90p/230c/59f for the day, which is well below my goal (115p/325c/65f). However, I figured with all the extra food I’d eaten over the past 7 days, I could use a little deficit, huh?

There’s no real lesson for this day because I mostly sat on my butt and tried to sleep.

So. Curious to know how I weighed in the next day?


Yeah, I was shocked, too!

No change in weight at all! And I look basically the same, although the stark overhead lighting on the 21st compared to the natural daytime lighting on the 13th makes me look a little bit leaner!

I guess that just goes to show that by staying active while you are on vacation, you can enjoy whatever you want.

I did try to be mindful of my micronutrient intake, and also did some food compensation (such as ordering a salad if I wanted more carbs from dessert), but overall I ate whatever I felt like eating and experienced minimal guilt.

Hope you enjoyed this little recap, and I hope there will be more adventures like this in the future!


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