When to Go Off Plan — Meal Prep vs. Night Out!

Wow, January 2016 is more than halfway over! I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything yet this year!

I’ve been rather busy with work lately; we had our annual convention January 7-12, and I’m just now starting to recover from it!

I’ve been off to a good start with 2016 in terms of balancing my fitness goals with the other elements of my life.

I’ve also been reading It Starts With Food, which was a gift from a dear friend of mine! The book is a guide for the Whole 30 diet. Basically, it’s a plan to eliminate foods which have adverse psychological or physiological effects on our bodies. I haven’t finished it yet, and while I don’t intend to dive into the Whole 30 plan right now (I miiiiight try it eventually), I appreciate some of the things the authors have to say.

The authors discuss how it’s not realistic to expect to avoid all “bad” foods all the time, and that you have to decide when it’s important to ditch the plan. You’ve got to be honest with yourself; a fleeting moment of convenience for something yummy probably isn’t worth it, but a special event or cultural experience might be.

This is how I’m trying to approach my relationship with food right now. I like to stick to my macros more often than not (like, 95% of the time), but I’m starting to get more comfortable with making the decision to go off track on my own.

Take my work convention, for example.

My company provided catered breakfast and lunch throughout our stay, and gave us a per diem for dinners. I could have easily decided to wing it at the convention and eat what was provided out of convenience, or I could have prepped my meals in order to stick to my macros. I decided that meal prepping was the way to go for me because I didn’t want to take multiple days off of my plan. To me, hotel food just wasn’t worth it.


The weekend after our convention though was my best friend’s bachelorette party! We had plans to go out for dinner and drinks. I didn’t want to be on my phone all night trying to calculate macros when I should be spending time with my friend and her bridal party.

The morning of the bachelorette party, I fasted until about 1:00 and had a light meal:


Honey wheat toast, guacamole, tomato slices, and an egg

We went out to dinner at Two Urban Licks, where I ate a ton of food and drank champagne:


Champagne toast to the bride-to-be!



Some sort of bread with ricotta cheese spread omg


A hugeAF pork shank with some kind of greens which I can’t remember




Pumpkin cheesecake omg


“Why is all the rum gone?” – Hot mulled spice cider, compound BUTTER, bourbon

After a glass of wine, a couple shots, and some more champagne, I enjoyed one of THESE:


S’more’s Cupcake

I didn’t feel too terrible in the morning since I made sure to drink plenty of water throughout the night.

The food was good, and we definitely had a great time. I can’t wait for my BFF’s big day in less than a month!!! And yes, I will be taking that day off from tracking too 🙂

2 thoughts on “When to Go Off Plan — Meal Prep vs. Night Out!

    • GURL. We actually planned to hit up Clermont lounge after the show but one girl got sick (lightweight) so we called it a night and went back home.

      You prob have EXCELLENT drag opportunities in SoCal.


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