Feed Your Brain – My Favorite Podcasts

I LOVE podcasts. More often than not, if I have my headphones in, I’m probably listening to a podcast and not music (unless I’m working out).

I’ve always been drawn to people who can explain things to me in conversation, and podcasts are basically hour-long convos that I don’t even have to contribute to. Introvert jackpot.

Here are my favorites:

Mind Pump

MindPump Radio!

Oh my gosh, I’ve been listening to these guys since they started in December 2014. Mind Pump is primarily a fitness podcast, though they can go off on tangents from time to time. The content is TOP-NOTCH, but what I like the most about the format is that I feel like I’m just a fly on the wall listening to some very intelligent guys discuss their passion. The hosts love what they do, and they love their listeners.

Judge John Hodgman

Sometimes you need to settle a dispute with your friend or family member, but you can’t really take them to court over it because it has no legal grounds. That’s where Judge John Hodgman comes in. Good content. Funny.

Oh No Ross & Carrie

Oh No Ross and Carrie

These silly geese kind of go undercover to like, different weird spiritual or fringe science places and report on their experiences. You will laugh. But you have to pay attention the entire time or else you’ll find yourself tuning back in and being completely lost.


Good podcast for you to learn something new about something you already thought you knew enough about.

Physique Science Radio

Physique Science

Another fitness podcast, but a little more science-y than Mind Pump. The co-hosts (Layne Norton and Sohee Lee) are extremely knowledgeable.





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