Wintry Wedding Weekend

Another wedding in the books, people! My best friend, Kate, tied the knot this weekend, and it was full of merriment, anticipation, and of course, consumption!

I decided to conserve 10g of carbs and 5g of fat from my daily intake throughout the week so I had a little bit of a buffer to play with. I went the whole weekend without tracking. For the sake of this blog, I went back and estimated what I ate. 

First stop for the wedding weekend was the bridal party brunch/nails outing on Friday. We went to First Watch, which has way too many yummy options on their menu for someone like me. I decided to keep it basic with the Trifecta (and a couple cups of un-pictured coffee).

First Watch actually posts all of their nutritional information online, which makes it very easy to track. I took most of the butter off my waffle because I’m not really into that anyway, but I tracked some extra to account for whatever the restaurant may have used to cook the bacon/eggs.


The Trifecta!



Then we went to nails!!! I rarely get my nails done, so it was nice to be pampered. I did a gold sparkle gel polish for my hands, and a red sparkle regular polish for my toes.





Pretty balloons from the salon for the bride!

I went home to pack after getting my nails done. I was going to be staying at the hotel with the bride for the weekend. Made sure to pack my resistance bands just in case 🙂

The rehearsal dinner was DELICIOUS! We went to a restaurant called The Crossings in downtown Norcross. We had a prix-fixe menu. I went with steak because I never cook that for myself!


But first, appetizers…


“Chicken and Waffles” — Chicken on a skewer, dipped and fried in sweet potato pancake batter


Fried green tomatoes with aoili sauce

I split one of the skewers with three other bridesmaids, and had one piece of the FGT. I also ordered myself a glass of wine because I had to give a toast and I was a liiiiittle nervous.


Good ol’ riesling

Then the main course came out!


No, I did not eat that whole steak haha — Maybe like 2/3


Macros — These are my best guesses.

And then of course, my favorite. Dessert! I picked crème brûlée. My dining out philosophy is to choose things that I don’t normally eat/have a hard time cooking myself. I can get cheesecake at the grocery store or wherever, but I don’t come across crème brûlée very often.


It was kind of tiny.


My day came out to approximately 2500 calories.

I went to bed full and a little buzzed and ready to rest up for Kate’s big day!

We had to be ready for hair & makeup by 8AM. I woke up around 6:15 to get a quick trigger session in — part of the MAPS Anabolic program I’m doing now.

I had been feeling kinda fluffy for the past couple weeks, so I was surprised to see how lean I was after a big meal the night before:


Not too shabby

We were able to hit up the continental breakfast before starting on hair and makeup. I grabbed a few things to enjoy with our pre-wedding mimosas:





Saved the bagel and an unpictured banana for later

We spent like 4 hours doing pictures and things. Finally it was time for the ceremony to begin! Kate and Zach’s ceremony was like, maybe 10 minutes long — it went by so fast!

The reception started with a cocktail hour. I enjoyed a glass of Riesling and a plate of unpictured appetizers:


Then we got to eeeeat! I was so hungry by this point.


Pre-set salad


My plate


Best Guesses…

After about an hour or so of dancing and celebration, which included another glass of wine and a shot of Aquavit… it was time for dessert 🙂



About 500 cals worth of alcohol; unpictured candies hehe

I clocked in the evening at around 3300 calories. That’s a lot for one day! Just goes to show how easy it is to take in too many calories at social events, especially when alcohol is involved.

I thought I was going to ring in heavier for my weekly progress pics, but I ended up at the same weight as last week. I credit this not only to hoarding some of my macros throughout the week, but also to all the dancing I did Saturday night!


So there you have it. I’m kind of glad that I went back to guess my intake to remind myself how easy it is to over-consume, but I would not have traded it for the relaxed state of mind that came with not tracking that I experienced this weekend.

I apologize that there aren’t more pictures from the wedding! I was so busy running around and getting ready that I really didn’t take that many…here are a few!

I have some more dining-out challenges to share…I’ll try to throw those in this week 🙂


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