A Little Bit of Everything

I’ve got about a month left of bulking, so I’ve been frantically trying to eat out as much as possible at different places before I have to start restricting. Granted, I know I can still go out while I am in a deficit, but it’s more enjoyable when I don’t have to order a salad right now 🙂

Here’s some more updates from the past couple of weeks.

1. Ru San’s

A couple weekends ago, I accompanied my friend to get our eyebrows threaded. It was her first time! After that, we did some shopping and then stopped at Ru San’s for some sushi. They were having a deal on wine, so of course I ordered a glass.



Spicy Tuna Roll and Rock & Roll (eel/avocado)


2. Sublime Doughnuts

One Friday after work I was craving a doughnut. Sublime is a local doughnut shop in Atlanta. Since they’re a small business they don’t really have the nutrition facts for their menu items. NBD, I just used a similar entry from Krispy Kreme and added the toppings according to my estimates. 🙂


3. Genki Sushi

I eat a lot of sushi! The good thing about sushi is that I can still play around with this in a deficit by ordering sashimi, or I could replace the rice with cucumber.

ANOTHER one of my friends is getting married this summer. She lives in Raleigh right now, but was in Atlanta for the weekend. So we went out for a little pre-bachelorette night!


Virginia Highland Roll (Spicy Tuna, Avocado, Mango & Jalapeno) & Electric Eel Roll (Topped with Salmon/Tuna)



Chipotle, Moe’s, Willy’s, Barberitos — y’all can all have a seat because DIABLO’S IS KING. This was my first time having it and I was so impressed. It’s a small franchise in Augusta, GA. I was visiting my friend for the weekend and this is where we went for dinner. I miss it already.



I used nutrition info from Moe’s for my estimates


5. Home cookin’

Went to my friend’s aunt’s place for dinner the next day. Good ol’ BBQ.


The broth, soup, and Worcester sauce all go with the teeny bit of rice I had. Also there is some butter in there — not a whole 0.5 tbsp worth, but I over-estimated for the sake of the homemade mac & cheese, and I have a feeling there was some in the green beans too.

6. Hu Hot

Build-your-own stir-fry place in Augusta! Fun to play around with different flavors. I got twoooo bowls. This would be another easy place to eat in a deficit — load up on veggies and lean protein! They cook on a flat top and I didn’t see them put any oil or anything on it either.



I hoarded a ton of carbs/fats for Easter and my friend’s place. She was extremely helpful by sending me the recipes for the things that she made. I estimated the rest!

When I get recipes like this from her, I enter the ENTIRE ingredient list and then estimate my portion size based on eyeballing the percentage of what I took. So for her pot roast, it looked like I took about 1/12 of what was on the platter.

ALSO — everyone makes mistakes right? I just realized now that I completely forgot to add the spinach thing to my MM+ log! It’s basically just spinach and cheese, so I was probably over by like 10g of fat, maybe 5g of carbs, and like 8g of protein. WOOPS.



I trimmed off a good bit of that fat mostly because I don’t like eating that kind of thing.


6. Antico Pizza

A few of my friends have raved about this place. When we got there, some winery owners who were leaving let us have their leftover bottles to go with our pizza 🙂

It was pretty good, but Mellow Mushroom is still my favorite. I actually used Mellow Mushroom’s nutrition facts for the base, and then added toppings.

I am able to do this by manipulating my daily macro intake throughout the week so that I have more to “spend” on days when I’m going out to eat. I also practice intermittent fasting, which means I can spend a lot of macros on one big meal.

This week I am going to challenge myself to order something that I could manage in a deeper caloric deficit. I’ll keep you updated 🙂


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