Deficit Practice

In my last post, I shared a ton of pics of big huge meals from restaurants/parties, but at the end I challenged myself to order something I could manage in a deficit. I wanted to do this so that I could remind myself that I don’t have to be a recluse while in competition prep, that I could find things on a menu to work with.

Had an inter-departmental lunch today with some coworkers, and we decided to go to Alma Cocina, a kind of up-scale Mexican place.

There were lots of yummy things on the menu, but I wanted to spend as little macros as possible.

They had a special menu for lunch which featured a salad that’s not currently on the website, but it was something like:

Grilled adobo chicken, cherry tomatoes, corn, chayote, radishes, queso fresco, tortilla strips, tomatillo-avocado dressing

Easy. I saw that you could do grilled shrimp for salads instead of chicken. I decided to do this because sometimes you don’t really know the cut of chicken (could be breast or thigh) that the restaurant goes with, which could throw you off since the fat macros are pretty different. Shrimp is low fat and there’s only one cut heheh.

So I subbed the shrimp for the chicken, and asked for the queso and dressing on the side. I also asked for no tortilla strips.


Not too shabby, but really only four shrimps? Come on now. 


Added a lil bit of olive oil to account for cooking the shrimp. Added a TINY bit of that queso like teeny tiny.

Wasn’t sure about the dressing, so I found entries for a tomatillo one and a creamy avocado one. Solid estimate if you ask me. I added just a liiiitle bit. Really salads don’t need nearly as much dressing as restaurants think they do!

So hallelujah. That salad rang in at a little over 200 cals. I’m pretty happy knowing that I was able to find something on the menu and make it work for me. I am not afraid to ask for things on the side to control my portions or to eliminate ingredients entirely.

But yeah I’m going hard on sushi tomorrow so I’ll be sure to share that 🙂


One thought on “Deficit Practice

  1. Yummers! I always add extra fat when I estimate my eating out too…,usually as butter but I don’t think it really matters


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