Cassidy grew up in the suburbs of metro-Atlanta where most things were very ordinary and people generally followed the rules.

She attended the University of Georgia, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, which was probably a mistake, as she sometimes has a hard time relating to the public!

In 2012, she ran away to Walt Disney World, the most magical place on Earth, in hopes of finding happiness there. Disney World gave her happiness for a bit, but eventually the magic faded for her, and with that went the short-lived happiness.

So in 2014, she ran back home and buried herself in the world of fitness, hoping that by achieving a great physique, she would find happiness.

In 2015, she achieved a great physique and strutted across a stage in a bikini, but her body did not give her the happiness either!

Cassidy believes in being responsible for your own life, so she’s taking it upon herself to earn that happiness.

But she would love your help 🙂


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